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Like Building Evolutionary Architectures, Clean Architecture : A Craftsman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design has given me a lot to think about. There is a paradigm shift happening in architecture that is more than micro-service topology and DevOps. Having read Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin‘s other books and practiced as a software architect for decades, I expected his latest book to be a quick read that confirmed my biases and perhaps gave me slightly different perspectives. Instead, Clean Architecture challenges the failings common in software architecture.

Clean Architecture explains complex ideas in simple ways. In that regard, it makes an excellent introduction to software architecture for the new architect. However, the junior architects aren’t this book’s target audience. Uncle Bob’s aim is to improve experienced architects. As I mentioned in my recent post about job titles, there is disagreement between organisations on what an architect is supposed to do. If it does nothing else, this book should serve to illuminate that difference of definitions, allowing us individually to resolve it. Of course, the book also offers a workable definition that we can adopt.

I recommend reading Clean Architecture.

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