re:Invent 2018 Data Service Highlights

Dec. 12, 2018 by

I had the pleasure of speaking the Wellington AWS User Group last night on the announcements for data services.  Here are my personal highlights. Re:Invent 2018 Database Announcements from Steven

Review of Clean Architecture

Jan. 17, 2018 by

Like Building Evolutionary Architectures, Clean Architecture : A Craftsman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design has given me a lot to think about. There is a paradigm shift happening in

Fitness Functions for Architecture

Jan. 3, 2018 by

I’ve just finished reading Ford’s, Parson’s, and Kua’s recent book, Building Evolutionary Architectures. Building Evolutionary Architectures is the software architecture guide for the 21st century. The couple hours that I

Review of Designing Data-Intensive Applications

Oct. 25, 2017 by

Kleppmann‘s Designing Data-Intensive Applications is a detailed and comprehensive review of databases, in the widest definition of that term, and the way that we use them. Klepmann starts by describing

On being a good employee

Sep. 20, 2017 by

I’ve just finished reading The 59-Second Employee. It’s about taking ownership of your employment, specifically in response to the now-dead 1-minute-manager technique. I read a lot of books on management.