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I’ve just finished reading The 59-Second Employee. It’s about taking ownership of your employment, specifically in response to the now-dead 1-minute-manager technique.

I read a lot of books on management. It’s useful to know technology solutions, but if you can’t advocate for your recommendation, then you’re left saying “I told you so”. Worse still, if the idea that you championed gets implemented then you’re likely to end up leading. A successful conclusion depends not merely on a sound plan, but also a solid execution. So delivering solutions requires some management skills.

Those management books, without exception, have been about directing your employees. The 59-Second Employee is the first book that I have read on facilitating a productive relationship with your manager. Which is a skill that I think that we all need to cultivate.

The 59-second employee is a short, easy to read book, but it’s also 30 years old. I recommend researching techniques for improving your relationship with your manager, which generally is called “Managing Up“.

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