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Stack Overflow have released the 2017 edition of their annual developer survey. It’s a voluntary survey, with all of the flaws inherent in that method. Its focus is unrelated to Business Intelligence (BI). However, I found a few things remarkable from my BI focus.

1. None of Gartner’s BI tools are mentioned

11% of survey respondents were doing statistics, 8% were data scientists, and 3% were working on machine learning. Yet not one of the tools in Gartner’s BI magic quadrant report for 2017 is mentioned.

2. Data Scientists are using basically the same toolset as other developers

Javascript and SQL are most common in every category. Not surprisingly data scientists are using more R (11%) and Matlab (8%) than other developers, but at least 80% are only using general purpose programming languages.

3. Spark is more popular than Hadoop

The survey supports the general consensus that Spark is Hadoop‘s successor. Spark developers like Spark more than Hadoop developers like Hadoop, and Hadoop developers are more likely to want to leave Hadoop than Spark programmers are to want to leave Spark.

4. Open Source databases are gaining strength

PostgreSQL and MongoDB are wanted and loved. SQL Server is more popular than Oracle, but neither is doing well.

5. AWS has a strong lead in Cloud providers

AWS leads Microsoft Azure in all categories in the survey, which agrees with what I’m hearing elsewhere. More notably, no other cloud provider is mentioned. Which again, agrees with what I’m hearing elsewhere. Some other large software companies have cloud offerings, but they might as well not have them for all the traction they have in the market.

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